This page provides information on items that need to be arranged on your boat in order to aid in a safe and easy launch and haul out. There are pictures available in the members only section  showing the position of the straps.Below are the  instructions

North Bay Yacht Club Haul Out  - 2020


This detailed update contains the most current information at the time of writing, but is subject to change as may be required to provide us all with a successful and safe launch day this Friday June 5th. Like last year, all boats will be launched with one crane at the ramp and we will have two crews, morning and afternoon. Please refer to list below to determine which group you belong to and what time to arrive. The Covid-19 pandemic has required a number of adaptations to our launch process in order to ensure the health and safety of all members. The following guidelines are intended to reduce attendance at any point in time throughout the day and reduce the need for personal contact when you arrive. We request that only one boat owner attend the launch in order to minimize people on site. You are urged to bring the following items for your own personal use while on site: Mask (cloth mask acceptable), hand sanitizer, gloves, hard hat, a safety vest and drinking water. Safety toe footwear is recommended.  A hard hat, safety vest and a mask will be provided if you can’t bring your own. If you are ill, or suspect that you may have come into contact with someone infected with Covid-19, please do not attend the launch. Contact the Launch Committee to make alternate arrangements and designate a member who will be responsible for your boat. BEFORE LAUNCH: All boats must flush any toxic antifreeze from engines prior to launch. Catch your antifreeze and dispose of it properly. Ensure that your trailer is mechanically prepared for launch and that your trailer hitch ball size is clearly identified on the trailer. Your boat must have a line on the bow and the stern, at least 30ft long and no longer that 40ft with no knots or splices. Fenders and lines should be installed on the port side. It is also recommended that you have your dock/spring lines ready for tying up in your slip.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): A table will be set-up where you may collect the PPE you may require upon arrival. Please be aware of the markings provided to aid a safe collection process. All returned Hard Hats and Vests will be spray sanitized between the morning and afternoon shifts. Please dispose of your used masks safely in the supplied waste containers before you leave. Payments and Insurance: An open tent and table will be provided for you to make payment or provide proof of insurance if needed. A safe distancing process has been put in place to eliminate the need for close contact. Please be aware of the markings provided to aid that process. Lift costs are $125 for trailer boats and $175 for cradle boats. The fee for any member requiring two lifts is $250. If you have not already paid your Launch Fees by electronic transfer (preferred method), you may pay by cheque or an exact cash amount so that we do not have to make change. You will be provided an envelope in which to place your cheque or cash, and a receptacle in which to place the envelope. If you have not previously provided a copy of your proof of insurance to the Harbor Master (preferred method), you will be required to bring a copy of your insurance to the club on launch day, show it to the person collecting fees and place it in the designated receptacle. Any member who fails to provide adequate proof of insurance will not be launched. Mast Raising and Self-launch instructions: Codiv-19 protocols for mast raising and for self-launching sail and power boats will be forthcoming.


Morning Crew: Plan to arrive at 7:30am to pay any outstanding fees and collect required PPE equipment.Attend safety meeting at 8:00am in designated area in front of tool shed. Please respect social distancing.Crane operation to start at 8:30 amOnce your boat is secured in its slip promptly return to your job assignment. Members of the morning crew are asked to leave the premises at the end of their shift, after having ensured that their boat is safely secured in their slip. Afternoon Crew: ·       Plan to arrive at 11:30am. ·       Proceed directly to the upper parking lot to avoid crossing active working zone in lower lot. Pay any outstanding fees and collect required PPE equipment.Attend safety meeting at 12:00pm in designated area in front of tool shed. Please respect social distancing.Crane operation to start at 12:30pm.Once your boat is secured in its slip promptly return to your job assignment. GENERAL INFORMATION: The clubhouse will remain closed and no food or coffee will be provided. ·        One washroom will be open (the executive washroom) and we ask that all members respect the washroom protocols you received in a previous email to ensure the safety of all members. . Remember to sanitize hands regularly, observe 2 meter social distancing at all times, and wear a mask if you have to work near others.Do not share masks, gloves or other PPE and avoid touching your face. Please be mindful not to wander into the lower lot lift area without protective hard hat and safety vests. As well it is requested to refrain in joining in unnecessary conversations with work crews who are actively involved with the launch as distractions can cause safety lapses.If you are not assigned a task, please stay out of work zone until it is time to launch your boat and avoid unnecessary socializing. MORNING CREW - ARRIVE AT 7:30am 1 Andy Hansman Tully Ho 2 Paul Whitehead Sheona 3 Bill Silver Raven 4 Tom Dwyer The Promise 5 Rob Giesler Proteus 6 Bernie M-W Wayward Wind 7 Stephen Glass Arcady 8 Luc Lalonde Boomerang 9 Norm Bailey Puffin 10 Pat Morin Zingara 11 Chris May Debonair 12 Dave Britton Arctic Rose 13 Doug Scanlon Sunshine 14 John Holmes Miss Conduct 15 Mark Feeney Jammin 16 Paul Waque Last Shot 17 Tom Rolfe Sabre 34 18 Clinton Taylor Heron 19 Trevor Halford Freva 20 Ken Robinson Peanut AFTERNOON CREW - ARRIVE AT 11:30am 21 Brenda Walsh Nomad 22 John Simmonds Naughty Gal 23 Brian Vidal Vagabondo 24 Ryan Murphy Skynet 25 Michel Mino Notre Amour 26 Mike Colyer The Getaway 27 Ken Cork Pie Hu 28 Gail Geddes Gitana 29 George Taylor Four Winds 30 Jim Radigan Knight Hawk 31 Stu Murray Caladh 32 Mark Kuzyk Ti-Bec 33 Dan Faulkner Gatekeeper 34 Ken Smith Gale Force 35 Kent McKulskey Caprice 36 Peter Lecour Ardea 37 Ian Miller Apres-Ski RECOMENDED PPE FOR LAUNCH CREWS: Treasurer – mask, gloves and hand sanitizer for use by members. PPE Table Attendant - mask, gloves and hand sanitizer for use by members. Lift Captain - should have a mask available and social distance (sanitize hands as needed) Rigger - should wear a mask and social distance (sanitize hands as needed ) Sling attendants - should wear a mask as social distancing may not be possible at all times, they will be wearing work gloves so should avoid touching their face and sanitize hands often and at end of their shift. Hooks and straps should be spray sanitized between morning and afternoon shift. Ladders should be spray sanitized between morning and afternoon shift Boat Delivery Assistant - masks on as social distancing will not always be possible and sanitize hands after each delivery. Boat Owners - wear a mask as social distancing will not always be possible getting on and off their boat, and sanitize hands after leaving the dock. Club boat - masks on as social distancing isn’t always possible. Also club boat should be sanitized between morning and afternoon shift. Boat Docking Attendants - again working in a tight area on the piers and fingers so masks and hand sanitizer. Drivers - assuming they aren’t in the trucks together, one is driving and one is hooking up, so they are socially distanced - have a mask available, and hand sanitize regularly Crane set up and tear down - masks on as social distancing is difficult, they will have gloves on so no touching face and hand sanitize when done. Please note that no boat, sail or power, may be self-launched and/or slipped in the harbour prior to June 6th. This document is subject to change.          NBYC Launch Committee. 

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