NBYC is situated on Callander Bay on Greenwood Rd in Callander
Postal Address is:
P.O. Box 1171
North bay, On
P1B 8K4
tel No 705 707 1050

Location of Club is:

305 Greenwood Rd

Callander, On


We now have a new SITE PLAN that shows possible proposed changes to the Club that can be done over the

next 25 years. this was prompted by the request of the Town of Callander who requires a site plan agreement to be signed

as a condition of obtaining a building permit for the proposed fence on the club's West side.

If you have any comments feel free to use the contact email tab and these will be brought forward to the executive.



The Club House

Rental Fees

A.Clubhouse Rental / Bar Service Provided by  NBYC. 

Refundable Deposit                                      $ 200.00

Hall Rental                                                    $  100.00

Bartender                                                     $   50.00  (per bartender or min wage)


B. Clubhouse rental / no bar service (no alcohol)  

Refundable deposit                                $ 200.00

Hall Rental                                             $  100.00

                                                                $ 300.00  + HST

***If rental conditions are not met, the $200 deposit will not be refunded.