Dragon 65 Sailing

NBYC Radio Controlled Sailboat Racing

Sailing Instructions – 2021 

Version January 2021


The NBYC is  starting a radio controlled sailboat racing program for the year 2021.  This is considered a fun activity for the club with rules and guidelines developed to reflect this thinking. Adjustments to these instructions may be required as we further develop the program. Any adjustments will be completed under a new revision and issued to participants.


Race Location

The racing program will be run and organized from the NBYC harbour area, or near vicinity of. Other race locations may be introduced as we gain experience and knowledge of other possible venues. Locations will be reported to all racers no later than one week from scheduled race.

Race Courses

Race course pdf file


Race Program

Three series will be held and scored separately.

            Spring Series – May, June (8 weekly regattas held on Thursday evenings)

            Summer Series – July, August (8 weekly regattas held on Thursday evenings)

            Fall Series – September, October (8 weekly regattas held on Thursday evenings)

-          Thursday evening regattas will have 5 races, approximately 5 minutes in length each.

-          Skippers meeting at 6:00

-          First race at 6:15

-          5 minute breaks approximately between races

-          Each race will have a 1 minute start signal and count down.



-          8 Thursday night regattas will comprise a series

-          Best 5 regattas will count per boat for series score

-          Best 4 races will count per boat for regatta score

-          No handicapping = First across the line

-          Low score will be used.

o   1st = 1

o   2nd = 2

o   3rd =3 (and so on)

o   DNF = number of boats plus 1

o   DNS = number of boats plus 2


-          Boats other than Dragonforce 65’s may race but will not be scored.

-          Only Dragonforce A sail plans are allowed for the first season

-          Prizes will be awarded at closing party.



Three race courses will be used(We may add or revise during season)

-          Up Down (laps to be set at skippers meeting) - diagram pending

-          Triangle (laps to be set at skippers meeting) ) - diagram pending

-          Olympic Triangle – (single lap) diagram pending – same as our NBYC triangle course


2021 Rules of Sailing

Gentleman’s rules  until we get better at the sport.

-          Try to use port starboard for crossings – no penalty turn required for now

-          Generally, leeward boat has rights on windward boat on same tack

-          Hit a mark – 360 before the end of the race

-          Over the start line early – go around pin and restart

-          No crossing start line from course side during 1 minute pre start (disqualification)

-          Barging not suggested, but be easy on each other

-          Yelling is frowned upon, let’s have fun.

-          No protests for this season of sailing

-          2 boats are enough to have a race

-          Outside assistance for a boat during a race is disqualification

-          Weather conditions may cause race cancellation



-          All 3 Series – member boat entry  (family & guests may race boat)                       $30

-          1 Series - member boat entry  (family & guests may race boat)                             $20

-          1 Regatta – member boat entry  (family & guests may race boat)                         $5

-          1 Regatta – members guest or family have own boat                                             $5


Who Can Participate

-          NBYC members with a boat (boat owner)

-          NBYC members using another members boat

-          NBYC members family using members boat

-          NBYC members family using own boat

-          NBYC members guest using members boat (some restrictions apply)***

-          NBYC members guest using guests own boat (some restrictions apply)***


*** Additional costs and number of races allowed will be reviewed by race committee.


Additional Notes

-          A boat will be scored by the boat and owner, not by the person sailing the boat.

-          A boat may have various sailors for races within a regatta or series

-          A boat must complete a race with only one sailor controlling the boat

-          A members family (defined by nbyc constitution) may race their own boat

-          A members guest may race their own boat. Extra fees may apply.

-          Members  guests may only race if the  member is present for race or regatta.

-          If this program becomes successful, then The NBYC will consider a special category of club membership for RC sailors.

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