American society for microbiology journal of virology skip to main page content home current issue archive alerts about asm contact us tech support journals. Asm. Org keywords go advanced â» user name password sign in latent kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus infection of endothelial cells activates hypoxia-induced factors â–¿ patrick a. Carroll 1, heidi l. Kenerson 2, raymond s. Yeung 2, and michael lagunoff 1 , * 1department of microbiology 2department of surgery, university of washington, 1959 pacific street, seattle, washington 98195 abstract kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (kshv or hhv-8) is the etiological agent of kaposi's sarcoma, a highly vascularized, endothelial-derived tumor. A direct role for kshv-mediated induction of angiogenesis has been proposed based upon the nature of the neoplasia and various kshv gene overexpression and infection model systems. We have found that kshv infection of endothelial cells induces mrna of hypoxia-induced factor 1î± (hif1î±) and hif2î±, two homologous alpha subunits of the heterodimeric transcription factor hif. Hif is a master regulator of both developmental and pathological angiogenesis, composed of an oxygen-sensitive alpha subunit and a constitutively expressed beta subunit. Hif is classically activated posttranscriptionally with hypoxia, leading to increased protein stability of hif1î± and/or hif2î±. However, we demonstrate that both alpha subunits are up-regulated at the transcript level by kshv infection. The transcriptional activation of hif leads to a functional increase in hif activity under normoxic conditions, as demonstrated by both luciferase reporter assay and the increased expression of vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 1 (vegfr1), an hif-responsive gene. Kshv infection synergizes with hypoxia mimics and induces higher expression levels of hif1î± and hif2î± protein, and hif1î± is increased in a significant proportion of the latently infected endothelial cells. Src family kinases are required for the activation of hif and the downstream gene vegfr1 by kshv. We also show that ks lesions, in vivo, express elevated levels of hif1î± and hif2î± proteins. cheap viagra buy generic viagra cheap viagra online cheap generic viagra viagra online can you buy viagra without prescriptions buy cheap viagra viagra for sale viagra online viagra non-prescription Thus, kshv stimulates the hif pathway via transcriptional up-regulation of both hif alphas, and this activation may play a role in ks formation, localization, and progression. Footnotes received 3 april 2006. Accepted 17 august 2006. ↵ *corresponding author. Mailing address: department of microbiology, university of washington, 1959 n. E. Pacific street, seattle, wa 98195. Phone: (206) 616-4285. Fax: (206) 543-8297. E-mail: lagunoff{at}u. Washington. Edu. ↵ â–¿ published ahead of print on 6 september 2006. American society for microbiology citeulike connotea delicious digg facebook google+ mendeley reddit stumbleupon twitter what's this? â« previous | next article â» table of contents this article published.


Welcome to the North Bay Yacht Club

We are a small self help club of approximately 100 members. We own and maintain our own clubhouse and docks, which have space for 60 boats. these range from 17 to 34 feet in length.
The club has an active keel boat racing program that organizes PHRF races in Callander bay every Tuesday evening.  We also have long distance races on the main lake and regattas Canada Day and in the Fall.
There is also an active cruising section for those who also wish to enjoy the fellowship associated with simply sailing and cruising together.
More details are available in the annual club booklet which can also be found in the News and Events section.
A calender of events is included in the booklet. 
Membership Application form
(Details are in the Club Booklet)
Local weather information courtesy of the Blue Sky Sailing Club weather station
Access to our security cameras

Try our facebook page
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