If you are interested in joining our club, please fill in the membership form and contact one of our executive.
Their telephone numbers are in the club found on the HOME page
If you don't have a contact at the club feel free to use the contact us tab and someone will get back to you
Cheques only to “The North Bay Yacht Club” and add HST to all fees
Initial Membership Fees
Preferred Share - lifetime purchase of share in CYBN                         $100
Initiation Fee - includes Burgee, Club House key                               $165
Annual Membership Fees
Membership dues                                                                               $220
Capital Improvement Fees (paid by all active members)                    $100
Associate Membership                                                                        $100
Junior Membership dues (no share issued)                                        $ 55
Slippage Fees (Payable by March 31)
Slip Fee, per foot (minimum slippage is 20 ft)                                     $ 17
Note: deduct $30 + HST from Slippage Fees if all fees paid by Jan. 31, 2017
Half season slip fee, per foot (begins August 1) $ 8.50
Dry Sailing (17’ and under) $ 75

Storage Fees
Winter Storage, per square foot (minimum $100) $ 0.66
Summer Storage, per square foot                      $ 1.10
Additional Fees, as required

Long-term shore power                                         $ 80

Live aboards, per month                                      $150